Specimen 8, himself.. told us this story! After his story, its my version of the story.. :3

Specimen 8's Story:

I was a deer. My objective in life was to see my fawn grow up into a deer. But I was one day while looking for food with my herd. But while searching I was shot by a human. I staggered and the others ran away and soon I was being dragged away. Although dead I heard a song while I was being cut up for ther meal. I was gone, to never see my family ever again... I thought I was trapped until I felt life again. I could see. I was back from the dead. I searched for him and soon found where he lived. I went through the wall. I heard him say "Why do I hear music?" As soon as I saw him I felt my cloak open as I was dragged to him and trapped him inside the cloak. I felt power go through me. His soul was inside me. A few week later I figured out how to make humans souls into deer so I made an excact replica of my son. Soon I done it to another human, and the another, and another and so fourth. The spooky's 'assistants' took my children away so I followed. I decided to stay there knowing that I could get my revenge again because I saw humans come through this house. And so I decided to put them out their pitiful excistence if they killed any of my children..

999's Story:

The GL Labs, have taken a deer body, and ressurected it. The deer, remembering its past life about his fellow deer herd, being killed and slaughtered. It became vicious. The lab tried to keep it under control. They threw it into a test chamber. A few years later, the test chamber was filled with deer. Coming closer made the deer violently bite a human. There was a breach, and they left. Spooky decided to design some rooms for the fellow Specimen. Specimen 8, however.. wanted to kill every human, because he always thought humans as killers.. every human he absorbed, he made into a deer.. and so the cycle goes on.. until one day, someone came, it was the Protagonist.


To be honest, Specimen 8's story is WAY better than mines. X3 Thanks for reading..

Specimen 10's True Story:

~SCP-999 c:

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