Ok in my mind she's 11 people tend to think she 12 because of well she was a troll that sounds 12 years old and by that she was one of those 4chan users that love horror and other edgy things, when she trolls people she basically wants them to cry, yeah and she also gave people panic attacks and didn't care eather way, also a spoiled rotten rich kid, isn't that wonderful? And a teachers worse nightmare, dirty mouthed, and was one of those popular kids you know that act like they are a gift from God, yeah one of those kids.

One day on Halloween she thought her costume wasn't "scary" enough and complained a lot about it, but she saw one of her friend's Dad because she thought it was funny to give an old man a heart attack, but she was also scaring someone who also had a gun and was shot, and got sued.

When she died she was a powerful demonic entity That took a cute form to fool others. She also gained tons of knowledge, when she was alive she was working on 8th grade work despite her small age, now somewhere during the process of going to hell she gained more knowledge and is extremely smart, her IQ could be smarter than Albert Einstein and Steven Harking combined.

She learned about a lab ((it's now her house.)) That was partaking on secret experiments that not even the government knows about.

She led them her knowledge and made specimen three, she also made specimen one just for more scares, she loves how we get scared, almost like an obsession. They found a small child and through experiments on her body ((she was long gone)) Specimen 4 was made only to eat. Specimen three was made only to lay eggs. She did this to scare but it was only the beginning..

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