Specimen seven- A Being made up demontic souls forced together by spooky via experiment, just a wall of souls that scream, because it loves you to join in on there part of the "fun" that what specimen nine means when he says "to take to the dead."

The cat on other hand is trying to help you with dealing with specimen seven or the house, it seems to be an angel of some sort or protecter. He slows specimen seven down so it is much easier for the player to run away. The cat is waiting, waiting for spooky to make a wrong move that way the cat will get spooky and trap her in the deepest darkest depths of hell and will free the specimen. Except specimen seven he will be torn apart be be brought back to hell and maybe other specimen as well.

They could get human attention, they could be on TV but honestly they probably would want to be left alone they don't believe that they will be well accepted within human society, they know who they are and probably won't be in society unless they know someone will love them.

But they will protect humans if needed, they don't want the same thing that they went through. even if it makes them known.

So back to The Cat and Spooky, it's just a waiting game for now.

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