I'm going to put this under blog posts to not clutter up the forms plus it's easier because it's not going to be one long blog post, it's too confusing for some people

So anyway let's get started.

Specimen one- A robot, what do you expect? It's a carboard cutout, the player causes when stepping on a hidden senser in the floor, boring and uncreative I know.


Specimen two- He was single guy looking for love, and figured that he'll find it in a mansion, unfortunately that was Spooky's mansion, The small((11)) ghost child told him that if he ever got out here alive he would find a beautiful woman that would love him, he listened but was thirsty as in "I need water" kind of thirsty. He drank ink but it wasn't helping the fact that it was poisoning his own body, He left notes to keep him sane, and he found "wine" but is was actually more posion It just wasn't from the ink, because the ink didn't kill him, it was the "wine" He drank so much of it that after he died spooky turned him into specimen two. Spooky left that posion just for a twist.

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