1. after completeing the specimen 2 chase I ended up in a room with a big chandelier that I'm 99% sure wasnt there before

2. for room 88 I ended up in an illuminated room with 3 possible directions, north east or west, and I had to find the right combination of directions to continue as indicated by a piano note(if correct) or a guitar sound (if wrong) Like the lost forrest puzzles from zelda, the combination ended up being 'left,left,up,left"  edit: the correct comination is random, but so far is always 4 directions.

Chandelier and maze room00:46

Chandelier and maze room

3. CAT-DOS has been edited slightly, specimen 7 no longer exists and has been replaced with "next" option that displays same error message, more investigation to follow pending new info from a wikki contributor.

4. Found the corpse of the romantic victim in 150 elevator -n- Rest in peace you dumb, dumb angel. Attempts to interact with the corpse did nothing. 

5. new easter egg room found!!! a bright whiteish area with lots of windows revealing snow and pine trees outside, with photos on the wall of letsplayers.

Easter egg LPER room00:32

Easter egg LPER room

6. specimen 4's area and chase was exacty the same as far as I could tell but I was delightfully surprised by specimen 5. I also got a good close up of its weapon the few times I had to run into it and can say with absolite certainty that it has a sword. also the chase music continued through one of the bright directional mazes, and during spooky's "congratulations" speech. I believe this is a bug.

Specimen 5 new chase sequence02:12

Specimen 5 new chase sequence

Upon reaching room 250 I was granted a password to return there via the main menu, I am not sharing it. O^O secrets

7. NEW AND TERRIFYING CAT-DOS INFO FOUND AROUND FLOOR 290 images to follow, also I was playing with the sound off, (cause im a giant baby) and didn't notice i was being chased by specimen 4 until i turned around and saw her, then i had a mini-heart attack.

8. 4 shady little puppets now appear on either side of the room specimen 6 spawns in, his pose after attacking has changed, and I discovered a possible bug where specimen 5 doesn't kill me inspite of bringing my hp all the way down.



9. Been seeing a few piles of 2d bones. around rooms 300-400 dunno where they came from, kind of don't want to, and there were 2 rib cages so its not from the same body.

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