• The 23rd Devil

    1. after completeing the specimen 2 chase I ended up in a room with a big chandelier that I'm 99% sure wasnt there before

    2. for room 88 I ended up in an illuminated room with 3 possible directions, north east or west, and I had to find the right combination of directions to continue as indicated by a piano note(if correct) or a guitar sound (if wrong) Like the lost forrest puzzles from zelda, the combination ended up being 'left,left,up,left"  edit: the correct comination is random, but so far is always 4 directions.

    3. CAT-DOS has been edited slightly, specimen 7 no longer exists and has been replaced with "next" option that displays same error message, more investigation to follow pending new info from a wikki contributor.

    4. Found the cor…

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