Specimen8 (Deer Lord)

aka Specimen 8

  • I live in In Spooky's House of Jump Scares.
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is Absorbing Mindless, Murderous Humans and Making their souls into Deer
  • I am Male
  • Specimen8 (Deer Lord)

    (This post was supposed to be for thursday because it was supposed to be fixed by then but since we found the problem and temporarily fixed it this doesn't work out as well. Luckily I'm still gonna post it because why not.)

    So, You've probably been wondering where I've been for, like, the past week I think its been. No idea, no clocks in this house. Anyway, getting sidetracked, funny story:

    I was wondering around the house in a vulnerable, mortal state which is risky but I use it to stop myself from getting a god complex, when all of a sudden I find a secret room. When going in it was a quiet, empty room with a chest in the middle of it and when I went over to it, CRASH! Next thing that happens is the roof collapses in front of the entrance …

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  • Specimen8 (Deer Lord)

    My internet died

    September 17, 2017 by Specimen8 (Deer Lord)

    Internet's been ded for the past 3 days which is why I haven't been active, should have it fixed on thursday but I'll try to reply to the rps and stuff until then when I get a chance. Or my internet could be fixed and not going to turn off anymore. I dunno :/ RIP me.

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  • Specimen8 (Deer Lord)

    Plot: Everyone who died last time came back to life, some chose to fight again, to try and get back their honor, while others decided to stay to murder some more. Those that left were replaced by some newcommers. Like last time its last man/ woman/ deer/ melon etc. standing.


    District 1:  Akane Thorn (Akane) and Iskaldur (Isk)!

    District 2: Whiteface (WF) and Tirsiak (Tiri)!

    District 3: SCP-999 (999) and Teacup Terry (Terry)!

    District 4: WaterWay1 (Melon Head Water) and JessicaLovesCookies (Jess)!

    District 5: Xenomorph6666 (Xeno) and Specimen25 (25)!

    District 6: Schmidkalkan (Schmid) and Cperry19 (Perry)!

    District 7: 232DJordieA (Jordie) and FacciaBianco (Faccia)!

    District 8: Specimen 8 (Eight) and BlueLink9001 (Blue)!

    District 9: Warpyro (p…

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  • Specimen8 (Deer Lord)

    Who wants to volunter to di- I mean to become tribute? If so, which district (1-12) would you like to join? I  you can guess which district I'm gonna join. I will be using a website called 'BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator'.

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  • Specimen8 (Deer Lord)

    Ok ladies and gentlemen and ogre lords, and melons, and aliens, etc.

    As the title suggests there are 3 more days until the (hopefully) release of Spooky's HD Renovation not counting the actual day of release.

    The game has been set for the 1st of March if you still haven't gotten out from under that rock and I AM EXCITED TO NOT BUY THE GAME AS I BOUGHT THE BINDING OF ISAAC: REBIRTH WITH MY £10 OF STEAM $$$ BUT I AM GONNA WATCH SOMEONE STREAM THE GAME THATS FO' SHO'.

    Anyway, who else is excited? What can't you wait to see? Will you be getting it? Why didn't Shadow make this blog?

    My answers: I'M EXCITED, I can't wait to see all the new specimen rooms and models, I won't be ;-;, I'm an idea thief >:)

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