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  • I live in Austria
  • I was born on August 18
  • I am Male
  • Schmidkalkan

    And they all sound weird.

    (Really Curious about that one... Sounds like some Death scene for an crazy Specimen for me.)

    (Sounds like something for an room theme.)

    (This one sounds like some Minigame theme)

    Sorry for not having a download link on all the tracks. I have to sell them in order for the game to be marketable on Steam. 

    -Akuma Kira

    I guess that means these are DLC Music Files.

    So.... Yeah, have an good day.

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  • Schmidkalkan


    No wait... im a bit to early for that.

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  • Schmidkalkan

    Hello folks, since i made a break with big edits, i thought "Hey... why not add the audio files from the game?"

    So... i added some for the Specimen and stuff that i got from Kira (Thanks for the Files btw). It was hard to find these files... even when they are from Kira.

    All credits go to him/her.

    Specimen 7 Chase Theme

    Specimen 8 Chase Theme

    Specimen 6 Chase Theme

    Specimen 5 Chase Theme

    Specimen 2 Chase Theme

    Specimen ?? Theme

    Specimen 8 Chase Theme (Clean)

    Spooky's Mansion Menu Theme

    These Are all the Audio Files that i added for now. So yeah.. Have a good day.


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