• Pjbeauprejr

     Hello fleshy people, I was looking in the wiki for a sound files page, But i couldn't find one. Does anyone mind making one?

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  • Pjbeauprejr

    So... the cutscene

    July 22, 2015 by Pjbeauprejr

    In someone's lets play on spookys house of jumpscares, (MrKravin) he was in the room with the brain. When he walked up to the brain, he hit the glass with the axe and then a number flashed on his screen. It said "1235". MrKravin said that someone told him that if you go to the 4th empty arcade machine and type, "1235", it starts a cutscene about spooky's past life and how she died i think. Im not intirely sure what it was about. If anyone knows the cutscene and knows the story behind it, can someone explain it?

    Note: The video is called "

    and the cutscene is at 15:26

    What i think is that, spooky shot someone and she had to be killed because of that.

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