aka Shinnotowa Linguine

  • I live in Midget Dumpster
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is Hermit Crab Farmer
  • I am Did you just assume my gender!?
  • LinkLynx

    Suggestion Board

    July 10, 2016 by LinkLynx

    Hey guys! I thought I'd create a blog post to share some ideas I think should be included in future updates! Feel free to comment any ideas you have of your own.

    Gauntlet Challenges

    Gauntlet Challenges would appear to challenge the player every 250-500 rooms or so; somewhat acting as boss battles in the Endless Mode. I labeled them as Chase Bosses, Room Bosses, and Boss Bosses. Each Gauntlet presenting the player with a different task to handle. Warnings would appear in the elevator prior to the Gauntlet. Successfully completing a Gauntlet would automatically send the player a set number of rooms ahead. The gauntlets will become increasingly harder as the player progresses. They would be as follows; vvv

    Chase Bosses

    This Gauntlet would be presented…

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