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  • LeonDWave

    Until when we could find a solution for the new templates, Spc 2 and 10's infobox templates stay the same place, no more re-edits for this particuliar section. (Other sections like "Trivia", "Appearance" or sh*ts like that are fine)

    Thank you for attention.

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  • LeonDWave

    This new template has an amazing design.... but it doesn't work very well.

    The images for the Specimens seem to be automatically enlarged, which make them look way too big, and overall, render the entire wiki page looking reallly tight and not so good.

    Any solutions to this, everyone? :-/

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  • LeonDWave

    This is absolutely terrible...

    I've recently re-edited Specimen 10 (Old), twice: the 1st time to change some stuffs, the 2nd to remove some unecessary bits....

    But then I realised I've removed the wrong thing, so I decided to re-edit it one more time.

    However, instead of doing it manually, I chose "Undo" in the edit history.... and it came out like a mess! :P

    I've tried to undo it myself, but I don't know why it didn't work at all...

    So please, could anyone help me to undo all these troubles I caused? :(

    I just wanted to contribute something to the page, but ended up making it worse, so I appologize again for being such a dumbass! :P

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  • LeonDWave

    Share your ideas, every1! :D

    What would you wish to add to the final game?

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