Log 1 | 1/12/2013

Hello my name is Diana but my friends call me Pinkie Pie, I have heard strange rumors about a house that was built on a hill near a small town. its said to contain terrifying creatures that lurk in the many rooms and halls of this mysterious house, but I do not believe such fairy tales because why would a house wield such dark power? so I'll be staying in the town's motel for the night.

Log 2 | 1/13/2013

I entered the mansion and was quickly greeted by an apparition named Spooky, she has an innocent look to her but in truth I felt largely uncomfortable near Spooky. After informing me that mansion held 1000 rooms I entered through the door that waited in front of me to find a room that looked very different from the atmosphere when I first met Spooky. After going through the 2nd door that awaited me, I found but another room.

Log 3 | 1/14/2013

I don't how many rooms I've been through but it seems like its been 100 or higher, anyway right after entering through another door I found an elevator with note lying on a desk along with a cross on another desk on the opposite side of the desk with the note, it seems I am not the only one in this mansion but this other individual seems like he or she has not be enjoying the stay.

Log 4 | 1/15/2013 Im in terrible danger, when I entered another elevator I quickly noticed a skeleton which had me jump, this poor fellow seemed to have been wearing a red hat while holding a feather pen before he or she died. The body has obviously been decaying for a long time which gave off a horrible stench, but shortly after leaving I found a room that obtained a note that was written with a red substance but after reading it a strange voice called out and I quickly ran to the door and entered the other room. While running I felt my feet stuck in a black goo, when I looked back I saw something that I cannot explain which made me terrified.


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