If it were to be possible to make a second Spooky's house of jumpscares two?

...wouldn't it be mostly the same specimen but older?

Unless you count 4 she's a ghost, and I don't think ghost age really.

Of course there would be new ones and I guess it could use more rooms?

But Specimen six would rot the way wood does. And the needle would be a bit rusty.

Specimen eight would have grey spots. And probably yellow fangs. And the cloak would be ripped and have holes.

Specimen one could be dusty and when he pops out, dust goes everywhere.

Specimen 10 ((new)) would be more zombie-ish green skin, black rotten teeth, bones are showing.

Specimen 11 could be moldy like having growths of mold on his arms or feet.

Maybe some specimen died, like five we'll just say age. Or the hallousions got to her.

If there were new ones, One would be the fusion of It and the human centipede.

Another could be based off of Freddy Kruger.

That's all I have for new specimen really.

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