The house on top of the hill was always there the oldest of the towns ppl dont remeber his owners, and belive to be the long abandoned mansion,but what they dont know is that the mansion is infact the gate to the soul resting place. Evry human that entered the house was drawn to it for they are soon to find the perfect place for their soul. Evry human was greeted by Spooky the ghost girl who is the gaurdian of the gate. She collected the monsters all around the world with the help of foolish scientists. Evry monster shall grant the human a chance for their soul to become the part of the mansion.

The first monster provides a painless death and quiet rest, saving the human from his pain.

Second one is the death caused by human actions, for the monster is human creation and so the human shall be killed by the creature he created.

Third monster is the spirit of the mother she will accept the human as her child and so his soul shall be loved till the end of time.

Fourth monster is the darkness humans summoned, for its humans mistake and they shall face it.

Fifth monster is the pupet master, even if he was betrayed by his friends he choose to spend  the internety helping the humans by freeing them from guilt of fault.

Sixth monster the wall of flesh, for souls that caused the suffering of those that didnt deserve it they shall feel the inspeakable pain till the end of time.

Seventh moster shall make human understand his mistake by killing the natures creations by becoming one of them. The souls who find peace here are the hunters.

Eight monster that takes the dead to the place they can rest in peace.

Nineth monster  simpe death...lame man!

And finaly the tenth monster that shall free the man from the steel cage and make him rest.

For those who simply want a resting place they can die by natural death. For those unable to die room 1000 awaits!

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