Since my previous (and outdated) EM guide can't be commented anymore, I've made this one so that you could tell what you want and ask questions.

This is a guide about optimizing your survivability in Spooky's to the fullest possible. Specimens can only be countered when acting accordingly to the situation and to their abilities.

Let's begin with the Endless Mode's fun rules :


1. You get the Axe from the beginning,

2. You can't fearquit when being chased by your worst nightmare,

3. This guide contains legends, but you'll get accustomed to them,

4. Some elements of punctuation (such as "!" "xD" ":3" "o3o" "kek" & "c:"), have been replaced by a dot (.) to sound more serious,

5. Grinsen is still watching you.


SPC1/CC : Specimen 1/Cardboard Cutout

SPC2 : Specimen 2/Goopeh

SPC3 : Specimen 3

SPC4/Ringu : Specimen 4

SPC5/Bab : Specimen 5

SPC6/Ben : Specimen 6

SPC8/DL/SL : Specimen 8/Deer Lord/Sweg Lord

SPC9/Taker : Specimen 9

SPC10 : Specimen 10

SPC11/FD/Beefy : Specimen 11/Food Demon

SPC12 : Specimen 12/Killer

M3 : Monster 3

M4/T-Rex : Monster 4

M5/GC : Monster 5/Ghost Cow

M6/Bekka : Monster 6

US1/WF : Unknown Specimen 1/White Face

US2/Otto : Unknown Specimen 2

US3 : Unknown Specimen 3/Spooper

US4/Tiri : Unknown Specimen 4/Tirsiak

US5/Lisa : Unknown Specimen 5

CR1 : Circular Room 1

CR2 : Circular Room 2

CR3 : Circular Room 3

LR1 : Locked Room 1

LR2 : Locked Room 2

Now here are the protips for all the Specimens appearing in the Endless Mode.


They may look harmless (and a bit too loud), but they can represent a threat if a Specimen is following you.

SPC1 & SPC6 : since you're forced to look where Ben is, an SPC1 can pop out, jumpscare you and BLOCK you in the process. If that happens, USE THE AXE, it will chop SPC1 down even if you are not facing it.

SPC1 & SPC10 : in the previous (and outdated) guide, you were told to look at SPC10 while walking backwards and keeping it close, but SPC1 could appear to block you. However, I currently prefer doing otherwise : run a bit to avoid SPC10 and its quick entrance, then continue walking normally, while checking from time to time if SPC10 isn't too far. The safe distance consists into having SPC10 in your sight, it shouldn't disappear behind the game's fog.

SPC1 & M4 : since he's a bit like a buffed Ben, you need to keep an eye on him, and a SPC1 can appear to block you. Just do the same thing you'd do with Ben : moving around and try to go past it.


Run then releases shift when walking on a puddle in order to save stamina.


Optimize your stamina by following the first protip in the Protips' section below.


Since the apparition of the Endless Mode, she has been upgraded with a whole new form.

In her second form, she blackens the screen until the lights come back. SPC4 appears way before the lights turn back on.

If you're chased by her second form, you can lighten up your screen monitor, if your computer allows this. Keep in mind that she moves faster when you don't look at her, but that isn't a problem in most chases.


In the Endless Mode, her speed is increased. But despite her high damage, she can only kill you in THREE hits. She is one of the fastest physical Specimens.

Optimize your speed according to the protips. If you get hurt, recover your health in each safe room (such as linear rooms) with a decent size.


His spawning timer allows you to run for some time before you need to turn back. Appears inside the room in front of you, unless your back is turned. If you need to recover, use the axe against him then regen yourself a bit. In small rooms, you can run and take the door without getting hit.


Don't run too fast in circular rooms or rooms with closed doors. If you are hit, don't get disoriented because of his hallucinations.


Don't go afk without pausing the game, punk !


In large rooms : Follow the aforementioned SPC10's protip. Keep it at a certain distance : not too far, not too close.

In medium rooms : Don't run mindlessly. It's better not to play with firecrackers, because sometimes it burns your fingers.

In small rooms : You can run to the door without breaking the required minimal proximity.

In locked rooms : If you've accidentally taken the way to the locked door, let SPC10 approach you without (without getting hurt of course). Once its hallucination appear, SPC10 is opening its mouth and you actually CAN go through him without taking any damage.


You must know where the exit door is located in each room you enter. You will acknowledge all of their locations by playing continuously. Beefy claims that making doors disappear is a very good source of top kek.

Use the axe when ultimately necessary and only if you can hit it, then run.


In case you ever need to go back because of a closed door, wait until he gets close and run through him to get to the other door. Finally, take time to recover your health.


It has a discreet chase theme, but indiscreet cries. It has the largest hitbox in the game, so proceed carefully and fast in circular rooms. Recover your health near the exit door whenever you're damaged.


The ultimate protips against M4 consists into running until your stamina bar is nearly emptied, then quickly look back at the monster while walking backwards.

While recovering your stamina, DO the following thing : quickly move the camera to get M4 out of sight then immediatly look back at it. If you do this, you will prevent M4 to teleport around and attack you.


If you are hurt, always recover your health in long and linear rooms with this method : run in the corridor as fast as possible until you reach the door, put your player character's back against the door and try to look at M5. Don't worry if your screen flashes red, it's only M5 teleporting a bit on the sides. Whenever you see the Ghost Cow, or if your health bar is fully regenerated, immediatly take the door.

Always optimize your stamina during the chase. The Ghost Cow goes through walls, don't forget. You must locate the door ASAP, so you can use the following method :

Each time you enter a new room, there is a transition time in which the screen goes black, then another transition in which it comes back to normal once you're in the new room. During the second transition time, you can immediatly pause the game to have an idea of what kind of room you have entered. If the screen is entirely black and that you can't see anything, you can unpause then immediatly pause again, until you see what's around.

Don't move your mouse/touchpad during the pause screen, because when you'll unpause, your camera will instantly move away !


Same protips as for SPC12 except there are chances to avoid her if she's not on your trajectory. Beware of her in circular rooms : always proceed not too fast, because her noclip will help her going through walls.

Always regenerate your life in long and linear rooms whenever you are hurt, just like how you would do against M5.


Optimize your stamina during the chase. Try to recover your health in a safe room each time you're hurt. "A sound will predict its arrival."

If you die, just type "Open". There will be a "one hit wonder" chase in which White Face can't teleport.


Not exactly a big threat, but just don't let Otto attack you.


There's no way to optimize your health, get to the exit the fastest possible. Don't give Spooper a chance to make you puke, because your time is precious. Einstein said : "big rooms + US3 = your doom". So, I'll reveal you a little secret :

Each time you leave an elevator, the game gives you a "set" of rooms. It's like if someone gave you a deck of shuffled cards; the game only gives you certain rooms, from every rooms available in the EM. So, if you notice that there are too much large rooms, you can exit the game (not during a chase) then come back for another "room set" with shorter rooms.


Run until you cross the path of an animal (sometimes you can go around them), then use the axe rapidly while releasing the Shift button. If getting hurt is unavoidable, don't do it while running in a corner (like in a circular room), or else she'll hit twice.

If you are hurt, go regenerate your health in a linear room. Even from far away, you can see where she is (if she's not through a wall), so you can regenerate while keeping an eye on her progression.


Now I'm tell you what I think about her. She's actually the EASIEST SPECIMEN IN THE GAME. Even Otto is more dangerous than her.

I'm not trolling you or something, I'm aware that a lot find her excessively difficult because of her abilities and the layout of certain rooms which makes surviving nearly impossible. I'll just explain why she's the easiest Specimen in the entire game.

I've actually found an actual exploit, which prevents her from appearing during a chase :

Each time you enter in a new room, immediatly look at the door behind you as fast as possible, and keep an eye to that location. If you turn quickly enough (and look at her hypothetic spawn location), then she will NEVER EVER APPEAR.

If you fail at doing the previous method, there is another one which you can use in short and medium rooms : run until your stamina bar is about to be entirely depleted. If you can take the door without the need to walk, take it. If you don't have enough stamina, look back at her while moving backwards. If your back is against the door, take it, of course.

The Rooms & the rules

The following rooms can become deathtraps according to the Specimen who's following you.

There exists (at least) three kinds or circular rooms, and two kinds of locked rooms :

The circular room with walls, the most well-known as it also appears in the original gamemode, this room is aka CR1,

The circular room with gaps, similar in dangerousity despite you can see where the Specimen is, aka CR2,

The circular room with gaps episode 2 season 1, the same as above but with a different layout, aka CR3.

The first locked room, one door is locked and the other one can be opened. In this first variant, you can only go left or right. Most of the time, the right door is blocked. So you need to go left.

The second locked room episode 2 season 1, in which you can take the corridor in front of you, or go to the right. If you're against a noclip Specimen, it's better going first to the right. If it's blocked, immediatly run to the other corridor.

Now here are the Room rules.

CR1 with SPC2 : If you keep running, SPC2 will strike you because of its timer. Use Goopeh's slowness in your favor by walking midway to the next corner of the room, looking at it until you see it, then rush to the door.

CR1 with SPC4 : Same method as the previous SPC, even if she's faster. Also works with her other form.

CR1 with SPC5 : Don't waste any time and run to the door, we think there actually is a timer before the hallucinations appear, so keep it in mind.

CR1 with SPC6 : Since his timer is slow, you have enough time to run midway to the next corner of the room, and look behind to the door he should appear. He should be in the wall and all you need to do is looking at his hypothetic location while moving to the door.

CR1 with SPC8 : Same method as Goopeh.

CR1 with SPC10 : You can run freely without breaking the maximum distance. Never use the axe against SPC10 or else it turns into its alternative leech form.

CR1 with SPC11 : Be extremely careful as Beefy's been buffed. With its current speed and the fact it rushes to you once you're close, you need to use the axe. If you succeed, rush to the exit. If it hurts you once, rush to the exit anyway.

CR1 with M3 : We've never experienced such encounter in this particular room, we guess it'd be broken considering it has noclip, a fast cadence and the (second) largest hitbox (Spooper "hurts" you continuously without the bloody effect). So we think running is the most appropriate thing to do.

CR1 with M4 : It appears way sooner than Ben, and teleports way sooner too. Run a little bit then look behind you, keep looking at M4 and run to the door.

CR1 with M5 : we don't think it's possible to encounter the cow with that room, since it now has noclip and changes the area. In this case, running without caring would be the best idea.

CR1 with M6 : The most dangerous case considering her damage, attack cadence, speed and noclip. Just use Goopeh's method, and take care of her speed. It's better getting hurt once than twice, and twice than thrice. If you got hurt, hope for a linear room and recover your health until she gets reasonably close.

CR1 with US1 : We don't think it can spawn here since it changes and pixelizes the area, we'd rather think it has predefined rooms for its chasing sequence. "Take some time and try to escape."

CR1 with US3 : Whatever happens, just RUN. Don't let Spooper get a single more microsecond to drain your life. Never use the axe during the chase, it doesn't work and removes some of your stamina. "In this mansion, it's puke or get puked."

CR1 with US4 : She's so cute that she moves backwards after hitting you, and she's so cute that it allows her to hit you twice. Cuteness is a weapon, bruh. And your wittle axe won't do anything, except to her animals. So, do the same method as for Specimen 2. Normally, no animals should appear in this room.

CR1 with US5 : DO what the aforementioned US5 protip tells you to do. She will never appear. Whenever you fail at doing this, keep her in your sight and remember that US5 still moves if you look at her. Even if you can't see her through the walls, keep looking at where she is and run to the door. If you got hurt, try to recover your health in the next rooms, if they're safe.

CR2 & CR3 with SCP2 : Now you can see Goopeh, you can use the axe if it gets dangerously close, then walk to the door. Keep in mind that most Specimens appear from "where the previous door should be".

CR2 & CR3 with SCP4 : You can see Ringu but you can't use the axe. Keep a decent speed while trying to keep her behind you. You can look at her if it doesn't prevent you from seeing where you must go. In her second form, the screen progressively darkens, so stay careful and don't panic. (Warning : she appears WAY BEFORE the lights come back, even if you hear her scream.)

CR2 & CR3 with SCP5 : Don't mess yourself with the gaps and run to the door.

CR2 & CR3 with SCP6 : The layout makes CR2 & CR3 "bigger" than CR1. Just keep looking at "where the door should be", and remember that you can knock him down with the axe.

CR2 & CR3 with SCP8 : Same method as Goopeh, except you can't use the axe. Try to keep SPC8 behind you and stay careful when running, since the room still goes in circle.

CR2 & CR3 with SCP10 : Same method as in CR1.

CR2 & CR3 with SCP11 : Same method as SPC2 in CR2 & CR3, but be careful of its sporadic hallucinations and speed. If you hit Beefy with the axe, he's NOT gone from the room, he is just teleported away and will come back if you take too much time to go to the door.

CR2 & CR3 with M3 : Be extremely careful of its hitbox and attack speed, or else this room will be your grave. It's exactly in this room that Crybaby killed a member of our staff at room 1305. He wasn't going fast enough, got stuck to a gap and underestimated our opponent, which cost him a game over. Never forget that M3 appears in the MIDDLE of this room, so take precaution and try not to run into that thing.

CR2 & CR3 with M4 : Same method as in CR1. Please note that even if it seems to be static, it still moves slowly if you look closely. (But not too much, cuz you're not here to test the mechs, but to rekt your highscore.)

CR2 & CR3 with M5 : Same situation as in CR1, we've met the cow multiple times but never in these kinds of rooms.

CR2 & CR3 with M6 : Walking won't help. It's better finding a way to avoid Bekka than running carelessly. If you got hurt, try to recover your health in the next rooms, if they're safe, then take the door if she gets too close.

CR2 & CR3 with US1 : WF can appear in this room. The best thing to do is running and trying to look at it until it teleports to the other side. Using the axe is useless. If you get hurt, don't panic and hope for a straight lined room to recover your health in. Don't take too much time because WF can teleport from a certain moment. "A sound will predict its arrival."

CR2 & CR3 with US3 : Running and hoping not to throw up your breakfast is the most decent way to keep survivability.

CR2 & CR3 with US4 : Now you can see her, you notice that cuteness never fades, despite it's a bit easier to outspeed her with the gaps replacing the walls. No animals were harmed in the making of this room. (To be determined.)

CR2 & CR3 with US5 : Same method as in CR1, it's easier to escape her due to the gaps, you can see where she should've spawned.

LR1 with SPC2 : due to your speed and its slowness, if the door is locked, you should be able to run to the other way without being hurt. You can always spam the axe to prevent it from popping out of the wall to get you.

LR1 with SPC4 : there are few chances of not getting hurt if you choose the wrong door. We need to investigate on this.

LR1 with SPC5 : picking the locked door will force you to turn back to the other door. During this moment, SPC5 will have enough free time to open the door, and if you're too close, you'll take damage.

LR1 with SPC6 : if you pick the wrong door, just look behind you and wait. SPC6 should normally appear in front of you, then you'll have to use the axe. If he's on the ground, you can proceed (and regen health), if he vanishes, quickly run to the other door before re reappears.

LR1 with SPC8 : same hypothesis as SPC4, we doubt on the fact it is inevitable or not.

LR1 with SPC10 : if you're blocked by the locked door, wait for it to approach and trigger its hallucination, then go through SPC10. You shouldn't get hurt.

LR1 with SPC11 : if you took the dead end, spam the axe toward SPC11. You should hear his vanishing sound, then run to the other way.

LR1 with SPC12 : if you took the wrong door, either you have enough time to go back and get past him, or you take some damage, which you'll regen in a safe room.

LR1 with M3 : since it has no spawn timer, it probably is already in the room. If you're enough fast, it shouldn't hurt you.

LR1 with M4 : it is nearly impossible not to get hurt by M4 in this LR. Pray for the next room to allow you to regenerate while moving the camera (see M4's protips above) to prevent M4 from teleporting around.

LR1 with M5 : it is impossible to encounter M5 in this room.

LR1 with M6 : we heavily doubt she's avoidable or not in this room. If you take damage, find a linear room and regenerate your health, until you see her and take the door.

LR1 with US1 : you have no time trying to mess around with WF, there are few chances of avoiding it, unless it teleports away.

LR1 with US3 : remember that you must go left in this room, or you just lose some precious time.

LR1 with US4 : if the locked door blocked you, immediatly run to the other way. Perhaps you've taken some damage, but you've escaped a worse situation. Regenerate in the next rooms if possible.

LR1 with US5 : do my exploit and keep looking at the door where she's supposed to appear. She won't annoy you.

LR2 with SPC2 : the main rule for this room is always checking the right corridor's door. If it's locked, you should be able to go back to the other way without Goopeh hurting you.

LR2 with SPC4 : Ringu is an exception because she is a faster Specimen than Goopeh (especially in her second form, since she's even faster if she's not in your sight). In this case, take the corridor in the middle while being the closest possible to the left wall. Once you've reached the end, quickly check the door and go backward while simultaneously pressing the space bar, in case it's locked. If it's locked, immediatly go back to the other way. If you're enough quick, Ringu won't hurt you. If you're hurt, just regen.

LR2 with SPC5 : since she's a physical Specimen, use the same method for SPC2.

LR2 with SPC6 : just run in front of you, then turn back, Ben will appear in front of you. Then you can check the door while looking at him. If it's blocked, go to Ben and use the axe. If he's down, you can proceed. If he vanishes, run to the other door ASAP.

LR2 with SPC8 : you can do the aforementioned method for Goopeh or Ringu.

LR2 with SPC10 : do the same method for LR1, consisting into going through SPC10 during the opening mouth hallucination without getting damaged.

LR2 with SPC11 : check the corridor in front of you first, not the one on the right. If it's closed, use the axe against Beefy then immediatly run to the other door.

LR2 with M3 : check any corridor depending on M3's location. If you're hurt, try to regenerate your health in a room in which you can control M3's progression.

LR2 with M4 : advance and immediatly look back at M4, while running backward, and preventing him from teleporting around (by intentionally keeping him out of your sight, at very short intervals). Check the corridor behind you, if it's locked, just go to the other way. If M4's in your path, you can either way for him to disappear then quickly run to the door, or you can run through him (and take a bit of damage) and then quickly look back at him.

LR2 with M5 : GC does appear in this kind of room, and it's extremely hard leaving without getting damaged. It's always better checking the corridor in the middle. If it's closed, look at GC and wait for your stamina to recover. Either it will teleport on the right side, allowing you to "safely" go to the other way, or it will stay in the path, and you will have to go through him with your stamina. If hurt, always recover in a safe room in which you can control its progression.

LR2 with M6 : it's better going right first. Stamina management is primordial in order to keep your health. Quickly check the door by pressing the spacebar, while going backward if it's locked. If it is, don't wait and go to the other way.

LR2 with US1 : always check the corridor in the middle and believe in your luck. If it's locked, you can always hope that when going to the other way, WF will teleport around and won't hurt you.

LR2 with US3 : you should've previously refreshed your room set by relaunching the game, this room is a terrible waste of time. Just go to the middle to save a bit of time.

LR2 with US4 : take the corridor on the right, because if the middle corridor's door is locked, she can hit you twice while going backward if you run into her.

LR2 with US5 : EXPLOIT~


How to optimize speed and stamina

You can do that with the following technique. Use this method in "safe" rooms.

Step 1 : Once you're in a room, run by pressing shift until your stamina bar is fully depleted.

Step 2 : Release the shift button then walk until you recover a little more than half of the stamina bar.

Step 3 : Then continue running.

Step 4 : Repeat steps 2 to 3.

Step 5 : ???

Step 6 : Profit.

Step 7 : Repeat steps 1 to 7 for moar profit.

Note 1 : You can use this technique when being chased by the following Specimens (however, the CRSR must be respected at any time) : SPC2, SPC3 (recommended in order to avoid unwanted injuries), SPC4, SPC5 (recommended), SPC6 (please consider the spawn timer to avoid injuries), SPC8, SPC9 (of course), SPC11, SPC12, M3, M5 (recommended), M6, US1 (recommended), US2, US3 (highest threat priority), US4.

Note 2 : Don't use this technique when being chased by the following Specimens : SPC10 (except in small rooms. Requires proximity), M4 (requires eye contact) & US5 because YOU MUST DO THE PROTIP.

How to regen your life via wise time management

Remember that your health bar contains 100 health points. 1 point represents 1 pixelated column. Whenever you can stop at the openable door and look at the Specimen without getting hurt, JUST DO IT like Shia LaBeouf. This way you can optimize your health and increase your survivability. It always helps, because sometimes, you'll make an error and get badly hurt. Remember that each time a Specimen attacks you, you're making a step further to the coffin.

Note 1 : be careful while using this method against White Face; never look back at it, or else it will teleport to a different location, and it can get to hurt you quickly. Just look at the exit door in front of you, listen, and when it gets close, take the door.

Note 2 : NEVER use this against Spooper, as it drains your life continuously. Plus, each time Spooper makes you puke, it deals some damage and the life drain still continues.

The different spawn timers of Specimens

Every chasing Specimen takes time to emerge in the room. Specimens have their own kind of timer.

The normal one, it takes about two seconds for the Specimen to go past the door. Specimens with this timer : SPC2, SPC4, SPC5, SPC8, SPC11, SPC12, M6, US2, US4.

The quick one, it takes less than one second for the Specimen to go past the door. Specimens with this timer : SPC10, M4, M5, US5.

The instant one, the Specimen's already inside the room. Specimens with that timer : M3, US1, US3.

The slow one, it takes about a couple of seconds for the Specimen to go past the door. Specimens with that timer : SPC3, SPC6.

The slooooow and looooong one, it takes about 12 billion years for the Specimen to go past the goddamn door. Taker's the only one with that timer.

The automatic one, the Specimen appears once the player reaches a certain part of the room. SPC1's the only one with that timer.

The different attack speeds of Specimens

Specimens have different kinds of attack speed.

The normal attack speed : there are about two seconds between each attack. Specimens with this attack speed : SPC2, SPC3, SPC4, SPC5, SPC6, SPC8, SPC9, SPC10 (Normal form), SPC11.

The fast attack speed : a newly discovered Specimen attack speed group. There is about one second between each attack. Specimens with this attack speed : SPC10 (Leech form) & M5.

The very fast attack speed : there is less than one second between each attack. Specimens with this attack speed : SPC12, M3, M4, M6, US2 & US4.

The contact attack speed : there is only one attack per contact with the Specimen. Specimens with this attack speed : US1 (then teleports away), US3 (when it makes you vomit), US4 (because she moves away on contact), US5 (teleports away too).

Chop till they drop

The axe can interact in your favor against some Specimens.

Useful against : SPC1, SPC2, SPC3, SPC6, SPC11, US3 (before chase) & US4's animals.

Useless against : SPC4, SPC5, SPC8, SPC9, SPC10 (defavors you since it changes to Leech form), SPC12, M3, M4, M5, M6, US1, US2, US3 (during chase), US4 (only works against the animals) & US5.

The end ?

Please feel free to comment your opinions, or report any error or additionnal information. More content may come in the future.

By reading this, you have agreed that Faccia can't be responsible for any injuries/deceases issued from hypothetic errors in this guide. You also have agreed to donate two liters of your own blood to Plethora's Red Cross Blood Donation Center (PRCBDC). Soon you will be asked to fill in a formulary concerning your blood type.

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