Besed on your Zodiac sign,you will find out what specimen you are! Good luck to everyone:

Aries (Sheep)- Specimen 1

Taurus (Bull)- Specimen 11

Gemini (Twins)- Specimen 10 (old and new)

Cancer (Crab)- Specimen 5

Leo (Lion)- Specimen 6

Virgo (Virgin)- Specimen 4

Libra (Weighing Scale)- Specimen 7

Scorpio (Scorpion)- Specimen 3

Sagittarius (Archer)- Specimen 12

Capricorn (Goat)- Specimen 8

Aquarius (Water)- Specimen 13

Pisces  (Fish)- Specimen 2

I couldn't put Specimen 9 cause there aren't 13 zodiac signs :P,anyway how lucky are you? Im Specimen 2 :P

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