Choose 3 Specimens that will protect you,rest will try to kill you :D: (you have 130 hp),special attacks can be used 1 time only :D

Specimen 1-Attacks: Kawaii popup (10 dmg),Scary cutout (35 dmg)

Specimen 2-Attacks: Slime hit (25 dmg),Sticky puddles (sticks you to the floor,unable to move,also deals 25 dmg)

Specimen 3-Attacks: Hairy kick (25 dmg).Special:Poison bite (45 dmg,deals you 5 dmg every time you move,until your 5th move)

Specimen 4-Attacks: Scream (30 dmg),Lullaby (fall assleep for 1 min).Special:Swallow (90 dmg)

Specimen 5-Attacks: Machette swing (65 dmg).Special:Foogy toxic (deals 5 dmg every time you move,fog dissapears after 5 secs)

Specimen 6-Attacks: Needle hit (35 dmg).Special:Puppets (controls 1 of specimens for 5 secs,they deal 15 damage while under he's controll)

Specimen 7-Attacks:Special: ONE OF US (75 dmg)

Specimen 8-Attacks:He's "Children" hit (35 dmg),Static (you unable to see well for 5 secs).Special:Absorb ( 75 dmg)


Specimen 10 (old)-Attacks: Bitez (45 dmg).Special: Crushing (50 dmg)

Specimen 10 (new)-Attacks:Kick (40 dmg).Special: Parasite bite (specimen on your side starts hitting itsellf for 5 secs)

Specimen 11-Attacks: Claws (60 dmg).Special: Meat dimension (drags you into he's "dimension" and while inside deals you 75 dmg then releases you)

Specimen 12-Attacks: Sitche swing (65 dmg)

Specimen 13-Attacks: Deadly gurl (45 dmg).Special: Drowning (drags you underwater for 5 secs,each time you move you get hit with 10 dmg)

EXTRA OPTIONS (you can choose 1 of these only if you are ranked on this wiki *mods etc.*):

Spooky-Can give your enemies infinite stamina (works like in game :3)

Protagonist-Has stamina ( :3 )

Howard-Gives heart attack to 1 enemie

W.A.M-Scares 2 of enemies off ( :D )

3 class shadows-All 3 of them deal 10 dmg to random enemie then dissapear

Deadly deer-Deal 20 dmg to 3 random enemies,but if "Deer lord" is attacked they will deal 25 dmg to you :D


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