• 1337MinerDude94

    oh geez

    September 11, 2017 by 1337MinerDude94

    im back i guess

    does anyone remember me



    guess ill just have to gain my reputation back


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  • 1337MinerDude94

    SHOJ: My own version

    February 29, 2016 by 1337MinerDude94

    I am making my own specimen to this game. I don't know how to But lemme tell ya something: Elevators appear every 70 rooms in this version so yeah. ENJOY! (there are also WAY more than 1000 rooms in this) ((If you wanna do fanart, you can)) (((Please don't edit this and add your own specimen)))

    Subject 1 is your idea of "The monster under the bed" when you were 6 years old. He is like Specimen 2, but entirely black, with razor sharp claws, and has eyes, but they are red. He also has no teeth and has legs. He starts in room 80. Room 80 is a series of rooms in a house. The first room you go into is a kitchen-type room, and the note in it says: "Well. I feel like this is a cozy place to settle down. I dunno why people …

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  • 1337MinerDude94

    Something I'm making

    December 16, 2015 by 1337MinerDude94

    The results are in. I gave you 2 weeks, and I only got 4 votes.BUT THERE IS STILL A WINNER! And that winner is....


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