Unknown Specimen 1 (A.K.A. White Face) is an enemy that can be randomly encountered in the Endless Mode.


Unknown Specimen 1 is a floating, white pixelated face. The face has empty eye sockets, uneven teeth, and is lacking a nose.


Before it attacks, rooms will turn pixelated and a loud, ominous piano tune will play to warn the player before it arrives. After a few more rooms the chase will begin.

A static noise will play if the player character is close to Unknown Specimen 1. Looking at White Face will make it teleport away to a different location while the screen flashes red.

Unknown Specimen 1 does about 1/6 of damage to the Protagonist upon contact. It goes through walls and any obstacles. Using the Axe has no effect.

During the chase rooms may eventually start looping, preventing the room number from going up. This will make the chase longer, but eventually, White Face will leave, allowing the player to proceed.

When the Protagonist is killed by Unknown Specimen 1, the death screen flashes with the words "DEATH IS NO ESCAPE" for a few seconds. The view then shifts to a dark room with only White Face and a hanged up corpse in a sack that will have your system name as text. When Unknown Specimen 1 comes closer, it says the following sentences:

"Look at you. . .

How sad.

Your body is all closed up."

The game will ask the player to confirm the word CLOSE, or to type something else. If the player types a name, the game will close automatically. However, typing Open will show the corpse's guts ripped out and start a second chase.

During this chase, the walls are red, Unknown Specimen 1 will become bigger and start floating towards the Protagonist like most other specimens. The player character's health is kept on 1 and if Unknown Specimen 1 damages them, the game will close. Escaping Unknown Specimen 1 during this chase will put the player back in the normal rooms and their health will start regenerating immediately.


Music warning the player about the incoming chase.


White Face's "screeching" when approaching the player character.


Teleporting sounds.


"WF AMB", White Face's chase theme heard after typing "Open".



  • Unknown Specimen 1 is called White Face and comes from the Imscared games, pixelated horror games made by Ivan Zanotti.
    • Its death screen with a hanged corpse is also a reference to said games.
  • It is the only specimen who breaks the 4th wall.
  • When the Protagonist gets killed by Unknown Specimen 1, Spooky's flashing face in the main menu is temporarily replaced with White Face until the game is restarted.
  • White Face was added to the game due to Psychobilly and Akuma Kira's love for the game Imscared.
  • Unknown Specimen 1, along with Unknown Specimen 5, are the only specimens who can temporarily stop the Room counter from going up during a chase.
  • Unknown Specimen 1 is, so far, the only specimen with a "second chance" chase mechanic.
  • Unknown specimen 1 moves a little faster than the player's walking




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