The Cat
The mysterious cat
Some attributes
First Harmless to player
Second Offers cryptic advice
Third Appears before Specimen 7 chases the player
Other attributes
Type Unknown
Speed Unknown

The Cat is a non-hostile NPC in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. She is first encountered in room 410.


The Cat appears as a small cat with black oval shaped eyes and no whiskers. Her body is light pink in color, except for the inside of her ears and the area around her eyes, which are a darker shade of pink. She is always shown in a sitting position, constantly wagging her long curved tail. Lastly, she is always shown with an anime-esque "sushi cat" smile.


If the Player enters the room, they can see a red line with some text beside it on the ground that says "Threshold of Consciousness". Heading to the room makes The Cat appear, saying: "Well hello there. Are you lost, little one?". When the player clicks The Cat, she will say something different: "This place can help those who are ready, but expect turmoil more than you are used to."

The player then can choose to go left, right, or forward.

Right leads to one room where everything appears to be floating in an endless space. The Cat, this time floating around in the void, says: "Balance is the key to keeping your mind free and sane."

Left leads to two rooms with one that is half yellow and half pink. In this room, the player can see red worm-like creatures on the ground, going perpetually back and forth, along with a Demonic looking compass following the player. If you talk to The Cat in this room, she will say: "Two sides of the same coin. Knowing your projections can help you achieve freedom."

The second room from left, looks like an office in a city building. There is a computer which shows different lines of text very quickly. In this room, The Cat says: "The mask you wear serves its purpose well, but be careful not to lose yourself in it."

Going forward from the Clock Room will result in the player ending up in a pitch-black room, except for The Cat and an illuminated door. Talking with her will gain the response: "Knowing your shadow can greatly help you, but be ready to see what you'd rather not be."

If the player enters the door, Specimen 7 will appear and chase them for several rooms before the room layout returns to normal. After this, The Cat is never seen or heard from for the rest of the game.


  • Between this character and the "hang in there" poster found in the save rooms, cats seem to be a recurring signifier of safety in this game.
  • The Cat can possibly be a reference to The Black Cat from the RPG horror game, The Witch's House In which, the black cat appears at random locations, Including near a clock, much like this cat, But the cat only acts as a minor character and only acts as a save point. 
  • The rooms that she appears in could be in reference to the game Yume Nikki.
  • The rooms the Cat talks about are a reference to the archetypes of the unconscious purposed by Carl Jung.
    • She most clearly references the Persona and the Shadow, the Persona being the "mask" of social conformity, and the Shadow being our unconsciously repressed desires and trauma. The other two rooms are possibly referencing the Self and the Anima/Animus.
  • The Cat's design could be heavily inspired by Kyubey from Madoka Magica with the eyes, color, and the swooshing tail.
    • Additionally, there's a poster of Kyubey around Room 165, in one of the classrooms.