"Hello, I am Spooky. And this is my home. Can you humble player, make it through 1000 rooms? Can you find what lies at the end? Or is there even an end? Cuz I don't really know. Anyway jus-just go..." - Spooky's opening lines.

Spooky is the main antagonist of Spooky's House of Jump Scares. She is the ghost of a 12-year-old girl who appears to possess a huge sum of power and impact over the events that have happened and will happen in the mansion.


Spooky is a little floating ghost, with light blue skin and long dark blue hair. She has a rather cartoonish appearance (e.g. oval-shaped eyes, chibi-esque form, etc.). In the base game, she wears a tattered baby blue dress. Spooky can also be seen in several mini-games as sprites, but she mainly follows the same basic appearance. Sometimes, though, she appears to brandish an over-sized Bowie knife.

In Karamari Hospital, she looks the same during the first playthrough. However, upon replaying the game in New Game+ mode, she now dons a pink nurse's gown with a white nurse's cap.

As a human, Spooky had the same chibi-esque facial features and long blue hair. But instead of the long tattered blue dress, she wore a knee-length white dress, with little white shoes and red socks.


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She greets the player at the beginning of the game and "congratulates" them every 250 rooms. She is not seen in any other rooms of the game and is probably the one who filled the mansion with the ghosts, monsters, and cardboard jump scares in the first place. She acts as some kind of antagonist/comic relief.

Spooky first appears as the player enters the mansion, introducing both herself and her home. She then challenges the player to see if they can survive one thousand rooms. She then breaks off of her speech to ponder if there even is an end to the haunted house, admitting that even she herself doesn't know. She then abruptly sends the player off before floating up through the ceiling.

At the 250th room, she appears to congratulate the player on their progress, but sounds sarcastic and annoyed since they are still alive. She then leaves a present for them, that upon opening reads "Look Behind You" inside. If the player looks back, several instances of Specimen 1 will pop harmlessly out of the wall.

She appears yet again at the 500th room to comment again on the player's progress, still sounding annoyed that they are "still here." She then informs them that the next door has been "fixed up" for them. She then wishes the player luck (calling them a "little fleshy live one") before floating away again.

Spooky appears in Room 750 and remarks that the player has an Axe. She then gives the player "Infinite Stamina" as a reward for their progress, but it instead makes the player unable to sprint (although Specimen 1 will still jump-scare the player if the shift key is held), which is quite bad when a specimen may chase the player.

At Room 1000 the player finds themselves in a sunny, grassy field, leading them to believe they have escaped. However, the "sky" quickly crashes and Spooky appears before the player, looking irritated at the player's survival. Specimen 9's cry is then heard, causing Spooky to perk up and state that the player needs to complete one last challenge before they can escape.


The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

Good Ending

If the player uses their axe swings wisely during the boss battle with Specimen 9, the roof collapses on them when the battle ends. Spooky suddenly appears again, claiming that the player died so tragically that they are now a ghost. After this, both the player and Spooky float off the floor. The floor folds up to reveal the player is standing on a ledge overlooking a huge room filled with Spooky's army of ghosts. Spooky appears on a large video screen in the center of the room, stating that her forces have finally reached the required number. She then states that her goal is to lead her army in a quest to stop people calling ghosts "cute" or "adorable." After this, the game ends.

Bad Ending

If the player swings their axe at enemies too many times (including Specimen 9's Boss form) they will get the bad ending. Instead of being crushed by the ceiling, the player keeps swinging the axe at the boss, and the screen is slowly tinted red with each swing. Then Spooky appears in a similar fashion to how she appeared in the other ending, except this time, her dialogue is different. She congratulates the player and says it was interesting to see the player swinging the axe around aimlessly. She then says she thinks they'll make a fine specimen. After this, the player is shown dragging a bloody axe behind them, the screen says "Bad Ending", and the game ends.

Karamari Hospital

In the Karamari Hospital DLC, Spooky appears after the elevator crashes and mentions that she did not remember that the mansion included these rooms, and then leaves the player to explore the hospital. She reappears later and tells the player that the hospital is a lot bigger than she thought it would be. She calls this "interesting", and after wishing the player luck (calling them "recruit") she sinks into the floor. She appears for the final time when exiting the hospital and notes that the player forgot to find something inside the hospital. She then bids the player farewell and disappears yet again.


Base Game

Audio of the first encounter with Spooky.

Spooky 01

Audio of the second encounter with Spooky.

Spooky 02

Audio of the third encounter with Spooky.

Spooky 03

Audio of the fourth encounter with Spooky.

Spooky 04

Audio of the last encounter with Spooky.

Spooky 05

Bad Ending with Spooky.

Spooky Bad Ending

Good Ending with Spooky.

Spooky Good Ending

Karamari Hospital

Spooky talking to the player after the elevator crash.

Spooky KH 01

Second encounter with Spooky.

Spooky KH 02

Final encounter with Spooky.

Spooky KH 03


  • The artwork for the December update download page features her smirking at the corpse of Santa Claus, having stolen his hat, which further indicates her sinister nature.
    • In the Mall of the Spook minigame, Spooky is shown gleefully murdering people with a knife, confirming her sinister nature. She is also shown to be egotistical, as all names in the high score screen are changed to "Spooky," including the player's.
    • In Mrs. Spook, Spooky brutally murders Pac-Man by impaling him with a huge nail. This minigame, like the previous one, serves as a wake-up call to Spooky's true, twisted personality.
  • Despite being very cute, Spooky wants to be feared and resents being called adorable or cute.
  • Spooky is left-handed, which serves as a clue to her personality since left-handedness is classically seen as more evil (example from Latin "sinistra", lit. "left-hand side").
  • When starting up the game, Spooky's face can sometimes flash onto the screen. The same can happen when the game is paused.
  • Spooky is called "Spooks" by the Generic Lab Assistants in GL Labs.
  • Spooky seems to be a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, or at the very least the 1964 film The Masque of the Red Death, since she dressed up as the Red Death for Halloween.
  • In some images for Karamari Hospital, she can be seen holding a small red and white cooler.
  • Despite being a ghost, in one of Karamari Hospital's loading screens, Spooky is shown eating.


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