Monster 3 is the third monster to be encountered in the Karamari Hospital DLC and in Endless Mode for Spooky's House of Jump Scares.


Monster 3 appears to be an abnormally large baby head with closed eyes, a wrinkled face, and an oval shaped mouth. The baby head is encapsulated in a rusted steel outline of a box. Its face glitches into a few different images.


Monster 3 is the first monster they player encounters while they are exploring the basement. It will appear in a select few rooms; spawning at different points within the rooms. When the creature appears, a contorted whine can be heard.

Monster 3 can float through walls; although it moves very slowly, making it easy to escape from if trapped.

Endless Mode

Monster 3 appears in the main game's Endless Mode, being one of the many creatures who can randomly engage the player in a chase. It appears in random places when player enters the room. Monster 3's chase is made significantly harder due to its fast attack speed, large hitbox, and the cramped environments of standard rooms.


Monster 3's chase theme


Noises heard from Monster 3 during a chase

Baby 2


  • It is the only monster from the DLC that can reappear after being killed with the sword.
  • It will not appear when the player encounters Monster 4.
    • However, if the player kills Monster 4 with the sword, Monster 3 will start to appear in its rooms again.
  • Monster 3 has the biggest hitbox out of all of the enemies in the game.
  • The monster bears a resemblance of the 'Flesh Lip' monster from Silent Hill 2.
  • Monster 3's chase theme is the music from Hospital's basement.




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