These are monsters that the player encounters throughout the main game and Karamari Hospital that are not considered specimens, since they do not show up on the CAT-DOS, yet are still considered enemies as most of these creatures can harm the player. They are only encountered in very specific rooms.

EX 03 spr

One of the Classroom Shadows.

These immobile shadows appear in the Japanese classrooms at Room 165.


They all resemble the shadows of both male and female children.


The Classroom Shadows will only appear if the player shines the flashlight at them. They are harmless until the player walks into them, then they will then attack and deal 20 damage. They can be avoided if the player doesn't shine the flashlight on them or walk into them.

They also appear at the good ending of the game, where Spooky announces the "troops" that there are enough ghosts to begin the invasion.

EX 04 spr

The deer.

The Violent Deer are enemies that only appear in Rooms 552-556.


At first glance, and from a safe distance, these creatures resemble perfectly normal and docile fawns, peacefully grazing among the foliage. While they seem harmless at first, when the player approach them, they will charge at the player, showing a mouthful of long sharp fangs.


The player must either escape them by making it to the door or kill them with the axe, which will take 2-3 hits. It also happens rarely, but they can jump scare the player with Specimen 8's face when they attack or get killed.


  • It appears they have killed The Hunter.
  • It is possible they are the "children" Specimen 8 refers to.
  • Its possible all of these deer are either young and/or female, as its unusual for female deer to have antlers as a male does.
  • As of The Halloween Update, the deer now have 3D models and animations that represent the original sprite animations. They also look around before eating the grass.
    • Upon being killed, their models are given ragdoll physics.

EX 10 spr

Howard's appearance.

Howard is a minor enemy found in a randomly generated room in the base game.


Howard appears to be a tall human-like figure with no pupils or visible mouth. It is a color similar to bronze, hence its unofficial name. It wears no clothes, is bald, and has a body shrouded in darkness.


Howard is encountered in a randomly generated room with no official name. When entering the room the player will be presented with a short hallway, walking down the hallway will lead to a small room with a locked door to the left and 2 tables with a note on one to the player's right. The room continues down another hallway where the room loops until the door randomly unlocks. Howard spawns at random times when looping the unnamed room. It will run at the player with a bellowing screech, temporarily turning the screen black. This minor enemy/monster can not kill the player.


  • Howard is a subtle reference to the very popular Silent Hills demo, P.T.
  • The audio that plays when Howard makes contact with the player is the same audio that plays when Specimen 12 first starts it's chase.
    • This sound is also sometimes heard when Specimen 1 jumpscares the player on lower floors.

MB6 21 tex

W.A.M.'s appearance.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (aka W.A.M.) is a dark figure that appears in Room 557 behind the player after the record player stops on its own.


W.A.M. is human-like figure shrouded in darkness. It wears no clothes, is bald, has no visible mouth, and has gray pupils.


After turning on the record player in Room 557, it will end up stopping on its own. If the player turns around, W.A.M. will appear and then quickly disappear. This will repeat every time the player turns around if they look back at the record player.


  • There is a bug, where W.A.M. doesn't disappear.


  • W.A.M. bears a striking resemblance to SCP-106 & SCP-513-1.
  • W.A.M. is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a famous musical composer.

HOS ex11


Carl is a minor enemy encountered in the Karamari Hospital DLC for Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


As you go to the toilet, you will see a door reading: "Out of order". When you see a bloodied standing toilet, touch it, then open the "Out of order" door. When looking at the toilet, a small Slenderman-esque figure with a centipede segmented body named Carl would come out of the toilet and scream at you. Afterwards, he'll disappear.


In his early life, Carl was salesman of the year for his high sales of the Thunderstrike Volcano Mixer. Come to find out it was actually a vacuum with serrated blades inside, making it very difficult to remove processed food bits. Sadly, he was fired for misconduct when his boss found out he was smuggling large amounts of centipede eggs into work and hiding them in the ceiling. Carl's current occupation is a plumber.


  • When asked what he should be named, game composer Jake "Virt" Kaufman immediately responded "Carl" - who now shares a name with a QA tester for the Karamari Hospital DLC.



The Virus or the "big heart" is an obstacle encountered in Karamari Hospital.


The Virus appears in the corridor connecting the morgue with hallway featuring maintenance room and dinner room. Its main role is to prevent player from entering the morgue without turning the power off. Hitting it with Axe will cause it to pulse faster for a while. Pressing E will say "I can't get past it"

The Player can destroy the Virus by using an acid bottle, which causes it to burn out. Another way to destroy the Virus is to hit it with the Sword.

Destroying the virus allows the player to bypass Monster 1's hallway.


  • The Virus cannot be killed before turning the power off, even with the sword.
  • Killing the Virus is counted as killing the monster, meaning that it also has an effect on the Demon Child's behavior.
  • This is the only enemy which can be killed during the first game.
  • Killing the Virus with the sword causes it to immediately disappear rather than burning out, also its "scream" cuts out.
  • The Virus is a reference to the Shadow, an enemy of similar appearance from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Early in the game, the player character must find and use a bottle of acid to burn through a part of the Shadow, thus allowing them to reach the next area.


The brain out of its glass.

The Brain is a brain that is contained in Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation.


The Brain appears in a glass with water in a randomly generated room. If the player has the axe or sword and releases the Brain from its tank, the brain would instantly attack the player.


  • Getting killed by the Brain for the first time awards the player with the hidden achievement Brain Power.
  • It is impossible to outrun the Brain as breaking the glass causes the player's speed to slow down immensely.
  • The room where the Brain is located doesn't generate if the player is being chased.
  • Brain is a reference to Mother Brain from Metroid. It also have glass container, that we can destroy.